JXL is a profitable and fast-growing business venturing to make the world's most used project management software more accessible to everyone.

Sydney-based Fine Software Group and Fine Software Pty Ltd, the team behind JXL, were founded in 2020. Our passion is crafting beautiful software that really helps people get their job done. In 2021 we took in seed funding from Atlassian Ventures, mostly for the purposes of keeping up a connection with Atlassian and being able to communicate the Atlassian Ventures backing in trust-building customer-facing marketing communication.

We have been a profitable operation since about a quarter after launching the JXL app for Jira and are a fast-growing business at this stage. We have, however, not planned to grow our team size exponentially, as we strongly value quality over quantity in all aspects of our business. We drive product-led growth and our competitive edge will always result from the unique solutions and experiences we create in Jira and beyond, not from the number of engineers or sales staff we employ.

This also means that, while we are always open to discussing any potential opportunities for partnerships and joining forces, we are not in the market for any venture capital funding. We wanted to explain this here in detail, and to save everyone's valuable time might refer you to this page if you're an interested investor. If this stance changes, we'll update this space.