# Feature roadmap

We are continuously prioritising our backlog based on our customers' suggestions and requests. If you let us know (opens new window) what you need, that will actually influence our roadmap.

This also means that the list below is just a snapshot and can change anytime based on the input we receive and other factors. Items within each time horizon are listed in no particular order.

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# Soon 1-3 months

  • Improvements to issue linking experience
  • Improvements to hierarchy visualisation, filtering, collapsing and expanding
  • Improvements to column filtering
  • Pick filters in sheet scope composer bar
  • Issue ranking
  • Automatic background refresh of issue data

# Next 3+ months

  • Drag and drop table rows to re-group and re-level
  • Per-level sorting and filtering settings in structures
  • Symbols in conditional formatting
  • Dashboard gadget
  • Basic search mode in sheet scope composer bar
  • Improvements to sheet exports
  • Improvements to table search
  • More column display format settings, e.g. alignment, decimal places, unit symbols

# Later 6+ months

  • Sheet templates
  • Column and cell formulas
  • Embed sheet and Confluence macro
  • Data bars and sparklines in conditional formatting
  • Sheet access management
  • Duplicate and extended issue create
  • Delete issues in table

# Future 12+ months

  • Localisations
  • Timeline
  • Charts

# Currently blocked by Atlassian

Updated: 24 Mar 2023