# JXL for Jira Data Center and Server

Feature change log

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# 2021

# 6 Dec 2021

Rename columns

  • Change the heading of table columns in your sheets

# 29 Nov 2021

Advanced search syntax with logical operators

  • Use logical operators (OR, AND, NOT), grouping (parentheses) and exact phrasing (quotation marks) in text column filtering and table search field

# 25 Nov 2021

Custom field support

  • Custom field type: Projects

# 23 Nov 2021

Adaptable sheets

  • Open sheets with an adapted scope and title using URL parameters

# 22 Nov 2021

Custom issue hierarchy, time tracking formats, expand/collapse all issues

  • Create custom structures based on Advanced Roadmaps parent linkage, issue links, and more
  • Time tracking columns now observe Jira display format and default unit settings
  • Expand and collapse issues actions in context menu when issue hierarchy is enabled

# 4 Oct 2021

Sheet starring

  • You can now pin your favourite sheets in the sheets directory and sheets menu by starring them

# 1 Oct 2021

Sheets browsing improvements

  • Switch between recent and alphabetical sorting in sheets directory and sheets menu

# 28 Sep 2021

SLA columns

  • Table columns for Jira Service Management SLA time fields

# 23 Sep 2021

Issue hierarchy

  • Group issues by hierarchical relationships (Advanced Roadmaps issue levels also coming soon)

# 1 Sep 2021

Initial public release