Join us and attend our talks at one of the many events we sponsor and organise through the year.

Upcoming events

See you 30 Apr - 2 May 2024 at Atlassian Team '24 in Las Vegas or digitally. Find us at our pop-up kiosk or the Atlassian Ventures booth.

Past events

9th META-INF Atlassian Day
Where vision meets real solutions. See you 20-21 Mar 2024 in Budapest.
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See you 1 Nov 2023 in Sydney at Atlassian Presents: High Velocity ITSM to empower your development, IT, and business teams to deliver legendary service experiences.
See you 17-18 Oct 2023 in Cracow at the largest Atlassian related conference in Central Europe
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See you 4 Oct 2023 at JiraCon23 the global virtual event for people who want to do cool $#!% with Jira – 30% off tickets with code JXL30
One of the biggest Atlassian events in Europe
See you 6-8 Jun 2023 in Budapest at META-INF Atlassian Day 8
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Meet us at Atlassian Team 23 digitally or live in Las Vegas at the Atlassian Ventures booth 19 April 2023 12:30pm-5:00pm
Join us for an evening of fun, discovery and learning, at App Day 23 Stand-APP night special live in Las Vegas 18 April 2023 7:00pm-11:00pm
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Visit us 29-30 Sep at JiraCon22, a two-day virtual conference with top-notch speakers on Jira topics.
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Join us at the PM72 Summit, a 72-hour marathon virtual event around the project management world on 13-16 June 2022. It's free, please donate to the Malala Fund instead.
Destination: Cloud
See you 7-9 Jun 2022 in Budapest at META-INF Atlassian Day 7
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Visit us at Atlassian Team '22 digitally or live in Las Vegas at the Atlassian Ventures booth 5-7 April 12:30-5pm PT
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Tune in to Trundl JiraCon21 5-6 Oct. If you like mingling with people who do cool $*it with Jira, you don't want to miss this one.