"A Jira game-changer"

The power of Jira with the familiarity of spreadsheets. Effortlessly manage all your work in one place.

Trusted by teams of all sizes, JXL boosts productivity everywhere.

Manage issues faster

Do you struggle updating your Jira issues in bulk? Do you resort to exporting them to Excel? Do you have to multitab to get simple project management, sprint planning or backlog maintenance done? Time for sheets.

First-class experience

Built by Atlassian alumni, JXL feels native and seamlessly fits into your Jira environment. Ease of use is paramount for us. You shouldn't have to write a manual for your teams to be able to use their tools. Just work and vibe.

Enterprise performance

We all have lots of issues and life is way too short to stare at stale screens. JXL performs at scale. It gobbles up large volumes of issue data and then lets you blaze through your tasks. Instant updates. No column limits.

The JXL app extends all Jira Cloud products and works with company-managed (classic) and team-managed (next-gen) projects.

Copy, paste, update in bulk

Massage your issue data with hassle-free bulk editing. Boards, backlogs, queues and lists are great, but have you tried working in a full-fledged spreadsheet? JXL will change how you see Jira.

  • Update your issues more efficiently by copying and pasting cell values
  • Change multiple issues in one go by marking cell ranges
  • Fields get validated and updated instantly

Build your perfect table view

No matter if you're a Project Manager, Jira Admin, Developer, Product Manager, Designer, IT pro, Support staff, or whatever your role is. Create tailormade views. You have the freedom to arrange every detail of your sheet to fit your flow.

  • Add, remove, and re-arrange columns to your liking
  • Fine-tune your sheet scope with a self-explanatory JQL composer
  • Save your own personal and team sheets

Reclaim your productivity

Stay on top of your teams' work, maintain your backlog, plan your sprint, update your queue. Save time, collaborate and work smarter, together. Supercharge your workflow by assigning tasks, updating issue descriptions, editing dates, changing priorities, etc. all inline in one sheet.

  • Quickly edit all your issues in one place
  • Manage Jira system fields and your custom fields
  • Mark multiple cells to view range aggregations in the status bar

Serious scalability and security

Tired of latency and limitations? JXL is made to scale. The app is built from the ground up in true cloud first architecture. Nothing is in your way, everything just works responsively.

  • Your Jira data never leaves your site
  • Unique issue spreadsheet implementation with performant virtual scrolling
  • Highly scalable issue data management that you cannot outgrow

And more soon…

We're passionate about continuously developing and improving JXL. Tell us what you need, and we'll see how we can work it into our flexible roadmap. We're still brewing up lots of innovative features, including:

  • Inline create and duplicate issues
  • Grouping, issue hierarchy, and ranking
  • Permissions for sheet editing and viewing
  • Cell formulae and conditional formatting
  • All sorts of productivity enablers to make your life easier

Free trial

Take it for a spin for free for a month. You'll never want to go back. JXL for Jira Cloud is affordable productivity that grows with you. Level up as you go.

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/month flat rate

10 users

$ 1
  • Small team, tiny price. Flat rate.

11+ users

$ 0.70 /
  • Growing team, still small price.

251+ users

$ 0.60 /
  • Save unbelievable 14%

1001+ users

$ 0.55 /
  • Save incredible 21%

5001+ users

$ 0.45 /
  • Save 36% What? Yes!

Prices in USD. Tiered pricing model with progressive volume discounts. JXL is a Jira app, which requires a separately priced Jira Cloud subscription. You may calculate the total price estimate for your Jira site including JXL with the Atlassian Cloud Calculator. The number of JXL app users matches the number of users of your Jira site. JXL is paid directly via your Atlassian bill and available on the Atlassian Marketplace. Price estimates displayed here are not a binding offer.