# Supported fields

Request missing fields

If you come across a Field or Custom field type that's missing or that you think should work differently, feel free to let us know (opens new window) and we'll look into it.

# Jira standard fields

Jira Software, Jira Service Management and Jira Work Management / Jira Core system fields, locked fields, and data supported by JXL. Edit functionality is offered inline in the table cell, in a dialog, and/or via pasting. Not all fields exist in Jira Cloud, Jira Data Center and Jira Server.

Fields and data View Edit
Issue type
Issue key
Status category
Created date
Updated date
Status category changed date
Resolved date
Start date
Due date
Affects versions
Fix versions
Project category
Parent Soon
Linked issues Soon
Last comment
Security level
Original estimate
Time spent
Remaining estimate
Work ratio
Σ Original estimate
Σ Time spent
Σ Remaining estimate
Σ Progress
Epic name
Epic link
Epic status
Epic color
Issue color
Story point estimate
Business value
Target start
Target end
Parent link Soon
Number of pull requests
Pull requests status
Number of builds
Builds status
Request participants
Request type
Request language
Satisfaction date
SLA time fields

# Custom field types

Custom field types supported by JXL.

Field types View Edit
Single-line text (Short text)
Single-line text read-only
Multi-line text (Paragraph)
Single-choice select list (Dropdown)
Multi-choice select list
Date picker
Datetime picker (Time stamp)
Radio buttons
Labels picker
Single people picker
Multi people picker
Single group picker
Multi group picker
Cascading select list (Dependent dropdown)
Project picker
Single version picker
Multi version picker
Insight objects picker

# Third-party fields

Third-party apps' Fields supported by JXL.

Fields and data View Edit
Easy Agile Programs (opens new window) Program
Easy Agile Programs (opens new window) Program increment
Issue Checklist (opens new window) Checklist
Issue Checklist (opens new window) Checklist completed
Issue Checklist (opens new window) Checklist progress
Issue Checklist (opens new window) Checklist progress %
Multi-Level Cascading Select (opens new window) custom fields
ScriptRunner (opens new window) Single Issue Picker custom fields
Tempo (opens new window) Team
Tempo (opens new window) Account

# Smart columns

Further calculated and other issue-related data columns offered by JXL, which are not based on Jira Fields.

Fields and data View Edit
Time since created
Time since updated
Time since status changed
Time since status category changed
Time since resolved
Time between created and resolved
Time to due date
Last updated by user
Last update action
Number of labels
Number of components
Number of affected versions
Number of fix versions
Number of sub-tasks
Number of issue links
Number of issues linked
Number of attachments
Number of comments
Number of sprints
Attachments size
Project type
Project configuration type
Date of first comment
Time since first comment
First commented by user
Date of last comment
Time since last comment
Last commented by user
Last internal comment
Date of last internal comment
Time since last internal comment
Last internally commented by user
Last external comment
Date of last external comment
Time since last external comment
Last externally commented by user
Last comment by customer
Date of last comment by customer
Time since last comment by customer
Last commented by customer
Last response to customer
Date of last response to customer
Time since last response to customer
Last responded to customer by user

Smart column: Notes

This column is only available in JXL for Jira Cloud, not in JXL for Jira Data Center and Server.
In cells of this column, you can add notes to an Issue. These notes are only shown in the context of the particular Sheet you added them to, and they become inaccessable if you delete the Sheet. This is not a Jira Field and its information not visible on the Issue view. (However, the data is not encrypted and could be accessed via the Issue Property API by any User who has Permission to view the relevant Issue.)

# Merged columns

In JXL for Jira Cloud, you can use merged columns that consolidate values from multiple individual Fields from Team-managed projects.

This is helpful when you'd like to roll up these Fields in one Sheet. Fields in Team-managed projects are separate, unrelated entities and would otherwise be displayed in separate columns.

If there are multiple Fields with the exact same name and a similar Field type configured in your Jira site, across both Team-managed projects and Company-managed projects, JXL offers a merged column that you can add to your Sheets. The following similar Field types will be joined in these columns, as long as the relevant Fields have the exact same name.

Text fields

  • Single-line text (Short text)
  • Multi-line text (Paragraph)
  • Single-line text read-only

Select list fields

  • Single-choice select list (Dropdown)
  • Multi-choice select list
  • Cascading select list (Dependent dropdown)
  • Checkboxes

People fields

  • Single people picker
  • Multi people picker

Group fields

  • Single group picker
  • Multi group picker

Version fields

  • Single version picker
  • Multi version picker
Updated: 6 Sept 2022