# Migration

Migrating from Jira Data Center to Jira Cloud? No worries, JXL will be the same on the other side. Your Sheets data are conveniently migrated as part of your Jira Project data.

# Migration paths

There are various migration paths supported by Atlassian (opens new window). Make sure to follow their recommended steps closely.

Whichever strategy and method you choose, just ensure that your Project and Issue data are transferred, or exported and re-imported, in their entirety (i.e. including so called Entity properties). That's it. Install the JXL app in your Jira Cloud site and it will pick up your Sheets exactly where you left them.


If you have any questions or something isn't working as expected contact us (opens new window).

# Feature differences

There are no noteworthy differences in features and capabilities between JXL for Jira Cloud and JXL for Jira Data Center at this point in time.