Streamline IT services and operations with an easier faster Jira.

Dynamic sheets over queues

For service desk agents, delivering speed and quality fundamentally depend on using the right tools. Don't let anything get in the way of making your internal and external customers happy.

  • Create complex cross-project queues or any scope of work you need
  • Visualise any number of issues without performance constraints
  • Apply advanced view preferences and search, filter, sort, freeze table columns

It just works beautifully

Built by Atlassian alumni, JXL feels native and seamlessly fits into your Jira environment. Ease of use is paramount for us. You shouldn't have to write a manual for your teams to be able to use their tools. Just work and vibe.

Jira Express

Life is too short to stare at stale screens. JXL saves you countless clicks and hours. It gobbles up large volumes of issue data and then lets you blaze through your tasks. Instant updates. No column limits. No nonsense.

Performance at any scale

Do you struggle visualising large numbers of Jira issues? Are you wasting time jumping between views and tabs to accomplish basic tasks, like keeping track of your work or updating tickets in bulk? Time for tables.

Enterprise-grade security

Excellence in Jira, without the need to export data or compromise privacy or security requirements. Enhance your capabilities with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your Jira data never leaves your site.

Deliver scalable top service

Enterprise service management and any service request workflows need tailored solutions. You have the freedom to arrange every detail of your sheet to fit your flow. Build your perfect table view.

  • All JSM fields supported, including SLAs, and customer and organisation data
  • Use smart columns for internal and external comments over time
  • Apply conditional formatting based on field values and other data

Enable changes and minimise risk

Change is constant and good, but it can also affect stability and reliability. Plan and manage alterations to your unique landscape of software, hardware, and configurations, while mitigating risk of unexpected impact on services or security.

  • Track and manage incoming change requests in dedicated sheets
  • Speed up, de-risk delivery with a single sheet of truth for complex changes
  • Increase predictability by putting change requests in context of relevant assets

Manage problems and incidents

Which hardware and services are affected? Which deployment introduced the problems causing disruptions? With completely customisable issue structures, incidents can be summed up, grouped, nested, and enriched with related data for deep analyses, continuous learning and improvements.

  • Surface the anatomy of incidents by putting them in context of related data
  • Discover vulnerabilities using issue sum-ups on current and historical incidents
  • Manage assets and services of your issues in inline-editable table columns

Measure service quality

How are you doing? How do your internal and external customers perceive your service quality? Empower teams of service desk agents to manage requests through their entire lifecycle, from initial assessment and prioritisation, via delivery, to eventual resolution.

  • Stay on top of your service level agreements and optimise turnaround times
  • Sum up and report on satisfaction levels and comments using smart columns
  • Deliver high quality fast and encourage continuous learning

All-in-one issue editor and organiser

Jira plus a unique and revolutionary new issue editing and organisation experience, including the following features.

And there's even more to come. Future features include the following.

JXL for ...

No matter your job role, industry, or what you use Jira for. JXL will make it easier, faster, and more convenient. Change how you and your teams use Jira. Make Jira accessible and useful for everyone.

And much more... The use cases are practically endless.

Trusted by teams of all sizes, departments, and industries, around the globe.