JXL for DevOps and project management at Waer Systems

Waer Systems specialises in the design and implementation of flexible software solutions for organisations with complex supply chain and reporting needs. The company was established in 2000, initially to meet the need for improved supply chain execution and warehouse management within the global aerospace industry.

Its innovative solutions deliver increased process efficiency, optimised parts and asset management, as well as real-time information flow to market leaders in a range of sectors. Their core product, WAERlinx, is a highly flexible Warehouse Management System available to businesses using Oracle NetSuite. It helps organisations all over the world run some of the most complex warehouse operations.

JXL is a must-have add-on for Jira. We could not live without it.

Paul Glock, Head of Professional Services and Product Innovation

Jira is generally a great fit due to its flexibility and capability to model even the most intricate of workflows. However, as data starts to build up, the team found it too challenging to keep on top of all the issue data in Jira's native UI.

Things could easily fall through the cracks, for example due to work items not appearing on the kanban board, based on concealed filtering criteria. Project Managers, tasked with keeping timelines and date field values on issues up to date, struggled opening, editing, closing each issue individually. Editing data was simply very time consuming and Jira's basic board and table views did not suffice.

"Essentially, we had problems with visibility and efficiency", tells us Paul, Head of Professional Services and Product Innovation, who discovered JXL. He also uses Salesforce with its configurable and editable table view – a standard in contemporary collaboration and tracking applications – which prompted him to search the Atlassian Marketplace for similar solutions for Jira.

Today, Jira at Waer Systems is enhanced with JXL, an important building block that allows Project Managers and DevOps teams to view and edit issues in a highly customisable and easy-to-use table format. The ability to easily update large amounts of issues in bulk by simply marking, copying and pasting fields, now makes Jira work really well across the entire organisation. Everyone just intuitively knows how to work in sheets.

See how JXL can make your Jira easier and faster. It's free for up to 10 users and there's a free 1+ months trial available here on the Atlassian Marketplace.