JXL and Jira list views

JXL is the all-in-one issue editor and organiser that offers much more than a basic table view. It's an elaborate platform that systematically combines the power of Jira with an extensive range of innovative tools and helpers to get things done.

JXL has pioneered and perfected many features that are not natively available in Jira. Others may approximate its design and capabilities, but JXL remains the original and benchmark for feature breadth, depth, speed, scalability, and quality.

JXL for Jira Cloud Data Center
Jira Jira Service Mgmt Jira Software Jira Service Mgmt
Compared features Sheets List Queue Search Queue
Save multiple lists Use as many table views as needed
Define JQL scope List any issue set across projects
Performance at any scale Tens thousands of issues at a glance
Inline create issues Create at any position in the table
Inline edit fields Update all editable field values
Copy-paste single cells Quickly mark, copy, paste cells
Copy-paste multiple cells Bulk change across cells and rows
All system fields supported Table columns for all system fields
All custom field types supported Table columns for all custom fields
Smart columns Calculations and issue-related data
History columns Surface historical issue-related data
Third-party app columns Other apps' fields and data
Merged columns Consolidate team-managed fields
Asset objects columns Edit object custom fields
Field sum-ups Various aggregation styles
Issue groupings Group by fields and other data
Issue hierarchy Issue type-based hierarchy
Custom issue structure Flexible hierarchy and other levels
Issue ranking Drag and drop to rank issues
Conditional formatting Automatically format cells and rows
Saved views Store and share states in views
Limitless issue export Export tens thousands of issues
Table search Quickly find issues and values
Sort columns Order ascending and descending
Filter columns Powerful type-specific filtering
Freeze columns Make parts of the table sticky
Redact columns Temporarily mask columns
Logical operators In all search and filter contexts
Regular expressions In all search and filter contexts
Keyboard commands Common spreadsheet-like shortcuts
Global and scheme permissions Dedicated full feature control
Cloud API Manage programmatically
Light and dark theme Work the way you prefer
Future features
Formulas In columns, cells, and conditions
Access management Sheet viewer and editor roles
Templates Sheet, structure, format templates
Dashboard gadget Add sheet views to dashboards
Confluence macro Embed sheet views in pages
Cloud Data Center Server

The JXL app enhances all Jira products and works with both company-managed and team-managed projects in Jira Cloud.

JXL for ...

No matter your job role, industry, or what you use Jira for. JXL will make it easier, faster, and more convenient. Change how you and your teams use Jira. Make Jira accessible and useful for everyone.

And much more... The use cases are practically endless.

Trusted by teams of all sizes, departments, and industries, around the globe.